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Minimum Server Specifications

  • Super Micro & ASUS Servers

We use only Dell, Asus and SuperMicro servers that stand above the competition on their own merits by offering high-end motherboards.

  • Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processor

Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology, 64-bit quad-core computing with up to 12 MB L2 cache and 1333 MHz FSB provides a high level of superior performance.

  • Huge Hard Disk Capacity

Deployed with a minimum of 2 x 500 GB hard disk drives in RAID 1 configuration with spare drives on standby, data archiving and full restoration are possible from day one.

  • RAID 1

When a hard drive fails, the server instantly and seamlessly switches to the mirrored hard drive thus avoiding any service interruption for maximum uptime.

  • Large Amounts Of RAM

Our servers support up to 8 GB of ram that can be utilised to power resource-intensive applications.

Did You Know?

If our servers are down, all out tech support staff will receive SMSes to inform and alert them.

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