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24x7x365 Technical Support

Our support is always open 24x7 to help with all of your technical issues. Additionally, we provide you with various method to contact us in ensuring that your issues are resolved completely to your satisfaction.
Security compliance

Ping Monitoring

In addition to the redundancy offered by our world class datacenter, we also take measures to ensure that your servers are running 24x7. Our monitoring system has a ping feature that checks the server every minute to verify that your server is available online. If your server stops responding to ping requests, our automated system will immediately send out notification to inform us about the issue and we will in turn follow our company protocol to go about resolving this issue. These protocol can be as simple as having our staff place a phone call to inform you of any downtime or reboot your system.
Elite technical support


Most datacenter are located in industrial parks that are very far away from residential/commercial area. Our datacenter is no different, however to give our customers the convenience of being able to control the server as if they are at the datacenter, we installed IPKVM devices on ALL our dedicated servers.

What is KVM Over IP? KVM Over IP (Keyboard, Video and Mouse Over IP) gives you the ability to remotely access your servers if you were right in front of your system. You get 100% control over your system even if your serverís internet connection is not working. This enables you to remotely reboot your server, get direct console access, re-install your operating system, troubleshoot your server, access your bios, watch your server boot-up and much more.
Non-overloaded servers

Service monitoring

Aside from simple ping monitoring, our Monitoring system can monitor various services as requested by the customer. The system can monitor your server to ensure that services such as FTP, HTTP, SSH and others are not only answering, but also responding as expected. If a service stops responding, our system will automatically send a notification to the email address specified by the customer.
Superior worldwide connectivity

Enterprise Grade Hardware

Powered by Intel Xeon Quad-Core 64-bit processor with 2 x 500GB HDDs in RAID 1 and 4GB of ram, data are delivered seamlessly by high-end Cisco routers and switches to the Internet via redundant connectivity. All servers and network equipment are wholly-owned and operated that grants us direct access to initiate swift replacement in times of failure.

Never fail, even during blackouts

A diesel generator on the roof of the complex is on standby in case there is a power outage throughout the whole complex. Ensuring that your servers does not fail even when the entire building loses power.

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We monitor our servers at a 30 seconds interval. If it's down, we will be the first to know.

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