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What is a Domain Name?

Every computer on the Internet is assigned a unique address called an Internet Protocol (IP) address to identity itself. A typical IP address looks like When you enter a domain name (eg. in the browserís address field to access a specific website, effectively you are using the Internetís domain name servers (DNS) to translate this domain name into its IP address. Therefore, domain name exists for humanís convenience as it is easier to remember a familiar string of letters instead of a series of numbers. 

What is a NameServer?

A nameserver maps a domain name to its IP address and vice versa. Each domain name should have a primary nameserver (eg. and at least one secondary nameserver (eg. for redundancy. 

What is Domain Propagation and how long does it take?

When a domain name is first registered or if there is a change to its nameservers with the registrar, root DNS servers will take some time to update their records with the new information depending on how long the previously requested information is set to be cached as determined by the Time To Live (TTL) value. The DNS servers of Internet Service Providers (eg. StarHub) will then request for this new information from the root DNS servers with yet another time lapse. As a result, it generally takes between 24 to 72 hours for the new domain name or changes to resolve and this is termed as domain propagation. 

THREE things you should know about Domain Transfer

A domain name may not be transferable in the following circumstances:

It is less than 60 days old.
It has just been transferred less than 60 days ago.
It has a lock/hold applied on it.

As an added security measure, a domain (transfer) secret or authorization (auth.) code has to be obtained from your current registrar in order to initiate a transfer. Most importantly, do not transfer a domain name during the 45-day auto-renew period immediately after its expiry date.

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