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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting

Starting a business is more like having a baby. By spending an enormous amount of time and effort in nurturing and showering the infant with tender loving care, you cast hope that it will grow up to be self-reliant, dependable and resilient. Finally when this day arrives, you begin to breathe again and feel the wind of success blowing in the direction of your newfound comfort zone.


Under the care of its nanny, a baby must never be allowed to suffer from a bad fall. Every instance of website downtime can mean immeasurable loss of business revenue, annoyed customers and a negative impact on your companys reputation. AlphaElite deploys only enterprise-grade servers configured with fault-tolerant raid arrays in state-of-the-art data centres. In addition, our advanced remote monitoring systems are equipped with SMS capability which ensures that system administrators are instantly alerted to any errors should they occur thus maintaining service unavailability to an absolute minimum. You can be rest assured that your baby is in good hands! 

What is Webhosting?

Imagine web hosting as the renting of an apartment (disk space) in a guarded condominium (server) that comes included with an allocated amount of electricity and potable water (bandwidth). Simply move in the furniture (files) and your abode (website) is ready for viewing during the housewarming party. If the passenger lift (POP3/SMTP) were to malfunction, qualified technicians and mechanics (server administrators) will work hand in hand to get it back up and running as quickly as possible to minimise downtime.


What is Domain name?

A domain name is like a virtual identity for its registrant. When you purchase a domain name, naturally you would want to point it to somewhere, be it your portfolio, a community forum, or your company webpage. Domain names is usually tied to web hosting services to provide content to its visitors

What is Bandwidth?bandwidth_usage_diagram

When you upload content to your hosting account, naturally you would expect visitors. Bandwidth is like the meter that tracks the amount of times your content is being accessed. For example, you upload a 10MB video. 5 visitors come to your website to view the video, therefore the total bandwidth used is 10MB multiply by 5 visitors which is 50MB.

What is Company's Domain Email

A company domain email is a unique email address that can be created when you own a domain name and tag it to a hosting service that provides business email hosting. With Business Email Hosting, you can create a company email address like This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Did You Know?

If our servers are down, all out tech support staff will receive SMSes to inform and alert them.

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