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iNomex Managed Backup & Recovery

Are you sufficiently protected from data loss that could devastate your business?

In Asia, many companies are still not recognising the need to integrate business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning into their operations to strengthen their resilience against potential disruptions in light of terrorism, malicious hacking, geopolitical tension and natural catastrophes. All too often, a company will have to suffer an 'outage' before putting such a policy in place. Several studies have shown that companies with BCPs/DRPs grab a bigger slice of the market pie and enjoy a better share price performance especially after they have successfully dealt with a crisis owing to increased investors' confidence. 

Imagine a situation in which your companys website has been defaced by hackers seeking attention. A desperate call for help to the outsourced IT administrator reveals the horrible truth the latest complete backup on hand took place a couple of months ago. An attempt by your hosting provider to restore the backup copy saved yesterday proved to be all too late. Within the span of only a few hours, the fruits of labour harvested from the years of effort put into building up the credibility and reputation of your company have been bruised to a great extent. Does this sound exactly like your most recent incident of data loss? 

With AlphaElite's iNoMex managed backup and recovery service, a company will be freed to focus on the critical areas of its business by entrusting its most valuable asset to us. Every night during non-peak hours, a complete backup will be performed and transferred remotely to a disk-based off-site server. This allows for immediate access to the specific data which facilitates a swifter restore when compared to conventional tape-based system. Backup processes are intelligently queued to minimise the impact on CPU usage and disk I/O performance. Just select a backup plan based on your hosting plan and we will ensure that it is executed in a timely manner via closed-loop monitoring. Should there be a need to restore any data, simply request for it by submitting a support ticket. Restores are always treated with top priority and will commence within minutes upon notification. 

Leave the task of managing your backups to us before your worst nightmare occurs!

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