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One Click Software Installation: Installatron

INSTALLATRON is an advanced auto-installer script. Added to a server, it gives your users the ability to install, upgrade, and manage a growing list of web scripts at the click of a button. 

User features include: 

  • Install, upgrade, configure, delete scripts.
  • Installs to domains and sub-domains.
  • Script info, notes, homepage and documentation links.

Installatron is available to ALL AlphaElite customers at NO EXTRA CHARGES.
INSTALLATRON is an advanced auto-installer plugin for DirectAdmin servers. Added to a server, it gives your users the ability to install, upgrade, and manage a growing list of web scripts at the click of a button. 

These include software for bulletin boards, blogs, CMS, e-commerce and a lot more, listed below. 

You will find all of the latest versions of the most popular php scripts to enhance your site right within your DirectAdmin control panel. Try them. They are all easy to install and uninstall because of our incredible "Installatron" system. Just log into your Webhosting Control Panel and scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the link to "Installatron". 

Click on any item in the list to read a short review of the script and its intended use. If that is what you are looking for then click on the install button and follow the instructions to install it. Be sure to write down any username and password information you see that pops up during the install process - You'll need it later when you forgot what they were. You can change the passwords later once you've logged into the script but be sure to write everything down now so that you have it - just in case. 

Hot Tip #1

Installatron automatically tries to install the script in a subdirectory/folder of your web root. The folder is usually called the name of the script so you can find it later and so that it does not clobber your existing site and all the work you put into it. This lets you play with the new script without hurting all the work and time you have invested in your current web site. If you end up falling in love with the script and want to use it to replace your existing site then uninstall the script using Installatron and then reinstall it using Installatron BUT when you get to the step in the Installatron setup where it asks you where you want to install it ...... delete the folder that it is suggesting and leave that blank and then it will install in your site's web root folder so that it becomes the thing the world sees when they go to your site. All of these scripts use a file called index.php as the home page instead of index.html or index.htm. You will need to delete or rename your old home page to something else than index.html or index.htm so that the web server knows to present your new script as the home page instead of your old home page.

Hot Tip #2

Click on any of the SCRIPT names below to go their respective sites. You will find a wealth of information about the script and their respective support communities where you can get free add-ons, features, plug-ins and templates to change the default look of your site to customize it even further. We cannot afford to support each one of these excellent scripts but you'll find all the support you need right there in each one of their support communities.

Hot Tip #3

We upgrade all of these scripts several times a month so if we don't have the latest and greatest version today - we will have it very shortly. All of this takes considerable work on our end and we don't provide the latest BLEEDING EDGE version until it is designated as STABLE by its respective support community. We don't mind being a leader but we sure don't want to bleed to death trying to always be first - a close second is much safer for all of us. If there is a compelling reason to upgrade quicker - because of some new security flaw found in some script then we will update that script as needed.

Hot Tip #4

If you are using Microsoft Frontpage to make your existing site then you will probably have to forget almost everything technical you learned about making a website and simply accept that there is an easier way to have a professional looking web site now that Installatron has arrived.

Hot Tip #5

If you install a script, and later decide that you dont want it, or aren't using it, please remove the script via the Installatron panel. This eliminates the need to update out of date scripts that may be severely flawed as security issues arise. Removing them when you are done is the safest way to keep your site secure, and to assist us in providing outstanding server security.

For many of you this Installatron feature will be a big surprise because you never scrolled down to the bottom of the Website Control Panel screen. We encourage you to log in and take a look now because you will probably see something that you wished you had and didn't know how to make it happen before. Just about anything you could want in a professional website is found right here and it's so easy to do 

For a live list of Scripts that you can installed, please click here.

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AlphaElite does hardware maintenance and upgrading at a quarterly basis.

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